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Bawdrip earmarked for major investment from the UK’s best rural broadband provider. 

Since being upgraded to a part-fibre system in 2015, Bawdrip residents have seen an improvement in their internet speeds. However, as time has moved on, so has technology, and once again the system is beginning to show signs of struggling: while some residents still have very few issues, others have sudden buffering for no apparent reason, unreliable connection in bad weather, and peak-time slow-downs and drop-outs when everyone is home.

That’s where Truespeed come in. Truespeed are a Keynsham-based company that specialise in bringing ultrafast, reliable connection to rural locations that otherwise get overlooked or left ‘til last. They do this by installing a full-fibre network, with fibre direct to the property and an individual connection for each resident so we can guarantee reliability and 200Mbps symmetrical upload and download speed.

 Why do I need 200Mbps?

Truespeed gives you an ultrafast 200Mbps so that whatever you use the internet for, and however many people are in your house, you will have more than enough for everyone to get instant reliable connection. It also future proofs your connection so it will always be able to accommodate any new tech that comes along.

Adding value to the community

Digital skills play an increasingly bigger part in our children’s education and future, so having ultrafast reliable broadband for our students and educators is a pretty big deal. To do their bit to sustain and support rural communities, Truespeed offer to provide free ultrafast broadband to local schools and community hubs in the communities they install to.

For more info you can check out their website

Or contact our Community Manager Sam Hill 07548 239270 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details on how to sign up.