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Bawdrip is a village and civil parish in the Sedgemoor district of Somerset, England. The village is on the south side of the Polden Hills about 4 miles (6.4 km) north-east of Bridgwater.


The parish includes the hamlets of Bradney and some outlying properties of Horsey and most of Horsey level . The name Horsey comes from Anglo-Saxon "hors-eg" and means 'horse island' and was mentioned in the Domesday Book.

The population of Bawdrip is around 490 with 195 households and the electorate is 396 – a recent development in the centre of the village has added 9 households.  Bawdrip is located to the east of Bridgwater, and the A39, which follows the Polden Hills to Glastonbury forms the North and West boundaries of the village. To the south there are views across the levels towards the neighbouring village of Chedzoy with which Bawdrip shares its school. 

Approximately half of the houses in Bawdrip are located in and around the centre (the Church being the focal point). The remainder are located along the A39.  National cycle path 3, part of the Sustrans network, passes through the village and links Bawdrip with Cossington via the old railway track. There is a wide spread of age groups within the village, with people coming from all walks of life.  There are a number of long established families in the village and we are now beginning to see a population with a more transient nature.  Whilst in general not an affluent area, Bawdrip could be classified as ‘comfortably off’.  It currently supports a garage, a touring caravan site, a pub and four farms.


Excerpt from the published book “A History of the County  of Somerset”