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Flooding Update Friday 7 March 2014

The EA are maximising pumping with the permanent pumps in Langport pumping stations. The EA hope to be able to increase this by switching on a further temporary pump later today. It is anticipated that the road into Muchelney will be clear of water in the next 4 days. When the road is clear Somerset County Council’s highways team will assess the road to make sure it is safe to drive and walk on and look at where repairs need to be made.

Pumps in the rest of the Parrett, Tone and Kings Sedgemoor Drain systems are being operated as much as water levels allow, to drain water from properties, roads and farmland as quickly as possible.

Church Road in Moorland is clear and residents will be able to use it.  Access to the temporary track way will therefore cease.


Advice to people returning to homes about drinking water systems

The following advice is for people returning to homes once flood levels have dropped, to ensure that water systems are clean and fit for use. 


There has been no disruption to the public water supply in the flooded areas but it is possible that pipe work on individual properties has been damaged or contaminated.  Wessex Water is carrying out routine monitoring of the water supply in the area and will follow up where there has been damage to pipe work.



  • No water – if no water runs from your kitchen tap, please contact Wessex Water urgently.
  • Cleaning and flushing- the majority of systems can be used once the following actions have been taken. Until then you should drink only bottled or boiled water.
    • Clean all taps using water (preferably hot if it is available) and detergent and then disinfect using an antibacterial surface cleaner. One bottle of Dettol antibacterial surface cleanser is available per affected household from Help HQ at the old Burrowbridge school or from the Donations centre at the old Somerfield distribution centre on Huntworth Business Park in Bridgwater. Follow the manufacturer’s advice on the bottle, ensuring a minimum contact time of 30 seconds to enable disinfection to take place.
    • The kitchen tap should be flushed at a moderate rate for 15 minutes.
    • All other taps and showers in and around the house should be flushed for 2 minutes.  
    • If your property has been flooded and you need to flush your taps and you are on a meter you will automatically receive the Wessex Water flushing allowance.
    • You should only do prolonged flushing when the flooded water has gone from your home and you are sure water can drain away in your drainage system as normal.
  • Pipe work – if you are concerned that there has been damage to pipe work please contact Wessex Water.
  • Oil spill – if there is a possibility that your water supply has been contaminated by oil please contact Wessex Water.
  • Taste- if you are concerned about the taste of your water, run your tap for a further 15 minutes, if the taste persists contact Wessex Water and tell them you have already run your tap for 30 minutes.
  • Taps immersed in flood water- if your kitchen tap has been immersed in flood water, please contact your Environmental Health Department for advice. If you use a private water supply, please contact Environmental Health for advice.


Contact numbers:

Wessex Water - 0845 600 4 600, quoting “Somerset Levels Flooding”

Sedgemoor District Council Environmental Health - 0845 408 2540

South Somerset Council Environmental Health – 01935 462462

Taunton Deane Council Environmental Health - 01823 356356


Please note this briefing does not take into consideration the state of your foul drainage network (i.e. sewerage drains). Turning on taps and showers for any length of time may cause flooding if the water cannot drain away.


20 Year Flood Action Plan

Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson announced the 20 Year Flood Action Plan yesterday (Thursday 6 March). You can now read the plan on:


Flood Assistance Centre

The Flood Assistance Centre will be open tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am to 4pm. The centre offers advice and information on insurance matters, housing, benefits, financial support, social services, personal wellbeing help and advice from the Somerset Waste Partnership on how to dispose of sandbags and flood damaged furniture.


A crèche will be available for children whilst parents discuss their issues at the centre. 


Following the recent and continuing devastating floods on the levels an update map is attached showing the various Emergency Flood relief works being undertaken. Click here to open the latest map