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Planning Application Bradney Lane

04/14/00007    Proposal:  by Peasey Farm. Change of use of land, laying of access track and the siting of three static mobile homes for use as fisherman's holiday accommodation at. Bradney Lane, Bawdrip, Bridgwater. 

The Parish Council’s observations regarding this application to be passed to Sedgemoor District Council was decided at a well attended special meeting on Tuesday 5 August 2014.(Click on read more below)

Full details of the above proposals can be viewed on the Sedgemoor District Council website.

 These are the summarised comments as follows:

1.      It is visually out of keeping with the rest of the village

2.      The economic benefit limited employment,

3.      Alternative accommodation is available

4.      Access through narrow roads

5.      Traffic increase no buses

6.      No shops within easy access without vehicle

7.      Change of use out of keeping agricultural land

8.      Siting – dug into bank level but concerns over effect re Flood plain

9.      Application says let only to fishermen but not 

10.    Nature reserve nearby impact