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At  the June Parish Council Meeting the Chairman gave an account of the public meeting, arranged by the Parish Council, which had taken place on 31st May. The meeting had been well attended, with all age groups represented. There was considerable enthusiasm for the concept of a small play area (with equipment) and/or a playing field – both of which the Parish currently lacked. However in the specific case of the land owned by the Parish Council at Shaw’s Orchard, there was little that could be changed due to the steep bank and the footpath and so it was concluded that this area was unsuitable. Several volunteers have agreed to form a committee to try to find a suitable alternative and report back to the Council. It was agreed that an item be included in the next issue of Bawdrip Life and on the Village website seeking comments and inviting volunteers to come forward to try to progress this further.

Would all who wish to take forward the ideas relating to a play area/field to give their details to the Chairman or Vice Chairman. (Details here)  


It was also noted that the Hawk and Owl Trust had withdrawn its interest in acquiring land from the Developer of Shaws Orchard.

The Council will now need to explore whether or not it should take over the land and what liabilities and costs will be incurred. Further research will be undertaken to assess this and discuss the consequences with the village before taking any decision.


If you have views on this please let the Council know by contacting either the Chairman or Vice Chairman. (Details here)