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A Day out for Bawdrip June 2013


A very successful village coach trip on 23 June 2013 to Knightshayes Court. Despite the inclement weather a great time was had by all!

Charabanc trip to Knightshayes Court

Don and Sally arrived early on Sunday morning in their bus that had spent its working life on the Isle of White.  Don informed the assembled passengers that the bus actually served for nearly twice as long as normally expected as it was able to share the work with a partner bus that was the same apart from a roof chop allowing visitors to the island to enjoy an open air tour!

We set off down the A38 towards Tiverton. In no time at all we were winding through some typically narrow Devon lane towards our destination – Knightshayes Court.  This is a classic Victorian country house located near Tiverton and was designed by William Burges for the Heathcoat-Amory family.  On arrival everyone went off and some stayed on the bus for a picnic before going on a behind the scenes tour of the Kitchen garden.  The tour leader was very informative sharing information about the origins of the house, the family migration during the time of the Luddites and the one-upmanship that a productive kitchen garden with revolutionary hotbeds could provide for the wealthy family.  Daily delivery of fresh produce from the country to the family house in London was not unusual as was providing lettuce out of season and the occasional crop of exotic pineapples all thanks to the heating power of rotting horse manure!  All too soon it was time to regroup and start our journey home.  Don changed the route and took us through Wiveliscome and got us back to Bawdrip spot on time.  There was time to indulge in a bit of singing on the bus led by those rebels in the back row Mike and Ali.  Everyone agreed it was a Grand Day out and keen to hear when the next one is planned!  Many thanks to Don and Sally for enabling such a great day out.  After expenses, a donation of £20 was made to the Parish Hall.


Report by Simon Peel

Photo courtesy of Mike Murkin