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Jubilee Celebrations 2012

The sun shone, the crowd turned out – oh no that was the Monday when the setting up was being done. Tuesday morning was a bit overcast as produce, cakes, photos and assorted knit-ware were delivered to the porta-cabin for entry into the various classes - 70 entries in all and of a very high standard. The fair was opened and the entries were judged. The rain put in an appearance but didn’t stop the races on the playing field. Three legged races, egg and spoon relays, you name it, the organisers had it covered. The adults though were conspicuous by their absence – well the going was wet and that is never good for a race.
The results of the competitions were declared and everyone rushed to find out how they had done – some strict adherence to the rules saw three Victoria Sponges disqualified for the incorrect filling, but there was no doubt that the outstanding entry, in a class of its own (in all senses!) was the decorated cake produced (or should it be created) by Marilyn Shields-Probert. With many teas and cakes and cream teas served it was a real village event made all the better by being able to hold it in the school grounds – many thanks to Mr Bird and the Governors for permission to do so.
Andy and Lorna were set up in the comfort of the school sun shelter (actually more of a rain shelter by the time they came on to play). The stalwarts stayed to appreciate their music and as they finished the wise decision to relocate to the Parish Hall for the bar-b-q and barn dance was taken. Bill and Andy were sterling in their cooking of the burgers and sausages – Bill looked like he was over heating and had to be substituted out for us only to find him launching into the barn dance with no thoughts of cooling off! The wonderful caller and accompanists made a very welcome return to the village and he managed to get everyone up and dancing.
What a wonderful evening. In fact what a wonderful day, the product of many hours of preparation and fundraising – thank you to all who contributed and joined in the fun.
Link Magazine July 2012