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A very big Thank You to all those who turned up on Saturday. Volunteers were kitted out with plastic gloves (useless!) and pickers (OK but not recommended for use as a walking aid!) and copious blue bin bags. Pam took on the coordination role as for some reason Roger had gone AWOL having organized the event! Our working party, armed with bags, pickers and only pausing at home to pick up some decent gloves, made it’s way to the Fishermen’s Car Park – as it was not lunchtime, mid-week we felt sure the car park would not be ‘in use’. 

It had obviously been used and there was an extraordinary amount of rubbish that ranged from domestic household waste (what is wrong with people’s domestic rubbish bins?) through an unusual mix of old power tools to the rather ubiquitous dumped tyres. There was also a huge number of empty bottles and cans and a remarkable amount of fast food wrappings (we were not “Lovin’ it”). After about an hour of collecting we had a mountain of bags to be collected and we were pleased to see Don arrive with his landrover. With the tail gate down all the rubbish was piled in and driven up to the hall. We felt we had earned our cuppa and doughnut.


Pictured are some of the collectors and the accumulated rubbish pile. I think everyone would say that the village does look a lot cleaner but I am sad to report that over the Easter week-end a pile of tyres has appeared in the Fishermen’s car park – Oh dear, well perhaps the Environment Agency will take responsibility and clear them away.

Thank you to the 29 concerned villagers who took the time to help clear up.

Link Magazine May 2012