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Parish Council January 2013

 There were two meetings in January – one special one to discuss the agricultural building/pig unit and a regular one at the end of the month.  On the 22nd , despite the snow falling, sixteen members of the public gathered in the Hall to hear from Steve Larder representing the applicant.  After a discussion it was agreed that in view of various concerns expressed by local residents, that the application be determined by Committee. 

The Parish Council then decided after a vote that the application be supported on the grounds that the proposal was of economic benefit to the rural community and met a defined need.  (Mr Knibb asked that his vote against be recorded).

Meeting 29th Jan:  The Chairman reported that a letter of thanks had been received from Bawdrip Parish Hall Committee for the grant approved at the December meeting.

District Councillor Turner referred to the small grants scheme operated by SDC where applications could be made for funding up to £1,000 for community projects.  The deadline for applications under the 2012/13 scheme was 8th March.

Parish Precept 2013/14 - after a discussion it was resolved (subject to the provisional values being confirmed) that the Parish Precept for 2013/14 be set at £5,300.00.  It was noted that although that sum was the same as 2012/13, the annual charge for a Band D Property would increase by £0.35 (1.34%) to £26.36 due major changes in the way the tax base for the Parish Councils, effective from 1st April 2013, was calculated.  A grant of £293 would be received from Sedgemoor District Council to partly compensate for the reduction in the tax base.

Members of the public and Parish Councillors raised concerns with County Councillor Hall about the proliferation of traffic signs in the village as part of the small highway improvement works.  Mr Hall agreed that the signage was excessive; he would arrange and attend a site meeting with the Chairman of the Parish Council and a representative from County Highways.  An assurance was given that only the legal minimum of signs would be displayed.

Bus Service - disappointment was expressed that the 375 Service Wells / Bridgwater Service, operated by First Bus, did not pass through the main part of the Village.  The Clerk was asked to write to the operator to see if the route could be amended.

 Next meeting: Tuesday, 12th Feb at 7.30 pm