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Parish Council  Meeting of 12th February

Decisions notified by the Planning Authority 04/12/00010 – Agricultural building south of Lyndhurst, Knowle – Permission granted.  Decision noted. Mr Knibb referred in detail to some of the conditions which had been attached to the planning consent.  He questioned how some of the conditions could be enforced, the extent of penalties that could be applied and by whom.   Mr Knibb considered that it was most important (particularly regarding condition 8 which referred to odours from the site) that residents should be fully aware of the procedure to follow should any perceived breach of the conditions occur.  It was agreed that the draft letter composed by Mr Knibb be circulated to the Clerk and other Parish Councillors. 

County Councillor Mr Hall confirmed that the abundance of signs erected as part of an improvement scheme on the approaches to the railway bridge in the village mentioned previously would be reduced. As a consequence of the extreme weather conditions over the last 6 months pot holes had developed more frequently, funding was available for repairs in appropriate cases and Mr Hall appealed that reports of pot holes should continue to be made to the Highway Authority via the website.