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A Charitable Trust for Bawdrip: Let us have your views?

  • The Parish Council owns several parcels of land within the village and it has been agreed that to safeguard and maintain these areas for future generations as a properly managed and maintained village amenity it is best to do this within a Charitable Trust. There are advantages in following this approach including access to funds and grants that the Council cannot.
  • It is intended that the Trust will be formed from local people and representatives of the Parish Council who are committed to caring for and protecting these areas, which will include the former railway embankment, land near Shaw’s Orchard and the Village Green.
  • It is likely that the land will be leased to the trust rather than it having ownership. It will need to assess the general condition of the land and trees and identify potential liabilities. The areas include woodland which enhances the surrounding landscape and creates an important wild life habitat for many species of animals and birds and is appreciated by many residents of Bawdrip.

  • There will not be a need for a big working party type group from the village/parish or a complex trust. Therefore, actions are likely to include the maintenance in a way appropriate to the individual area.
  • The management of the former railway embankment itself would be essentially classed as "non-intervention". This means that virtually only safety work will be required and most of that could be achieved for instance by the conservation volunteers and individual contractors and very infrequently. The other areas including the Village Green will require more seasonal maintenance such as grass cutting.
  • We are therefore, attempting to gauge the general support for doing this within the village and establish who might be willing to serve on the management committee and perhaps consider becoming a trustee.
  • Following the feedback period, it is the intention to hold a meeting to consider the responses, whether there is support for doing this and if so to decide the best approach for moving forward. The structure and detailed aspects of the trust’s role and responsibilities will lead on from this.
  • Is this something that you would be interested in being involved with. Do you have any views on this proposal? If so, please let us know your ideas and thoughts so that we can make the best decision for Bawdrip.
  • We would be interested to receive your views so please send your comments by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , complete the form on the right or send written comments to me at 11, Bawdrip Lane, Bawdrip, TA7 8PS by January 7th 2019.
  • Many thanks.

Richard Culverhouse   Chairman Bawdrip Parish Council

December 2018