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At the September meeting of the Parish Council the question of the ongoing maintenance of the Council owned land was further discussed and in particular care of the land transferred following the Shaw’s Orchard development; namely the former railway embankment and adjacent open space. The Council is considering whether or not to form a Charitable Incorporated Trust to undertake this and is seeking views from residents. There are advantages in following this approach including access to funds and grants that the Council cannot.

It is intended therefore to hold an initial meeting following the Community Cafe at 12noon on Saturday 26th September at the Parish Hall to discuss this and explain the approach in more detail. Any such trust  will need to assess the general condition of the land and trees and identify potential liabilities. The area is a valuable area of woodland which enhances the surrounding landscape and creates an important wild life habitat for many species of animals and birds and is appreciated by many residents of Bawdrip. The overall area is however small and the management itself would be essentially classed as "non-intervention". This means that virtually only safety work will be required and most of that could be achieved by the conservation volunteers and individual contractors and very infrequently. Thus at this stage there would not be a need for a big working party type group from the village/parish or a complex trust

If you are interested in being involved in any way or have a view on this issue please do come along on that day or contact the Council via the website as soon as possible. The next step will be to explore the alternatives and perhaps form some sort of a group of possible key local people who may be willing to offer specialist help and personal involvement.