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On 14 Aug  Summerfield Homes confirmed that they have agreed to transfer the ownership of the embankment to the Parish Council


At  the August Parish Council Meeting the Council discussed the latest position relating to the former railway embankment and the desire by Summerfield Homes to dispose of this following the Hawk and Owl Trust's withdrawal of its interest in acquiring the land. Since then a Tree Preservation Order has been place on the site. The embankment survey inspection has also been undertaken. (Click on read more below)

This is to assess the general condition of the land and trees and identify potential liabilites. The survey has confirmed that the area is a valuable area of woodland which enhances the surrounding landscape andcreates an important wild life habitat formany species of animals and birds and is probably appreciated by many residents of Bawdrip. It also suggested that the Parish Council should consider taking on the woodland as a community asset to  protect and maintain it for future generations

The Council has now explored whether or not it should take over the land and what liabilities and costs are likely to be incurred and following consideration of the various aspects of this, agreed to confirm to the current owners it's formal offer to take ownership of the land.